The Challenge

The lack of information is a crucial barrier for newcomers in a new country. Integreat is capable of breaking this barrier through technology by giving a tool to integration experts to share their knowledge to a huge audience.

Our answer

Integreat is a smartphone app and a website for newcomers to get all necessary information. The information are provided by local integration experts themselves directly in the Integreat-system for which no technological know-how is needed.

Integreat has established  itself as the widest spread information app for newcomers in Germany. Our technology is open to everyone and shall fulfill its potential impact wherever it is needed.

Vision and goals

Our vision is to promote communication and understanding between cultures through digital solutions that facilitate and support local integration. Above all, we pursue effects-oriented and not economic interests. In 5-10 years’ time, Integreat will not only help new immigrants in the city, but will also help all citizens even more. At present, we focus on identifying the needs of the target group in the best possible way and implementing them. Essentially, these are multilingualism and offline availability, but also the target-group-oriented presentation of information and the implementation of demand-oriented functions. With a team of about 35 people, we work week after week on improvements and new ideas.

Making an Impact with You

We are looking for partners to bring Integreat to life in other regions of this world especially in our other EU member states. In Germany integration is a task of municipal governments which were ideal partners to spread Integreat throughout the country. The result are local networks of the municipal governments, NGOs (e.g. Red Cross) and volunteers from the society who provide and update the information themselves.

Knowing that this scenario might be very specific for Germany there need to be other approaches for other countries. You will know better what strategy is needed in your country which is why we aim at collaborating with you to bring Integreat to your country or region. Whether or not you have the technological capacities yet to manage the solution shall not be in the way – we can help with that.

Who We Are and What We Believe In

Integreat is a project of the non-profit entreprise Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik whose shareholders are the non-profit association Tuer an Tuer and the Chair of Information Systems of the TU Munich. We believe in developing software for those who are neglected are suspended from society in a way. Our software is open source and for everyone to use. We also believe in privacy. We do not want nor do we need the data of Integreat’s users. The project is funded through payments from the municipalities using Integreat as well as some public (German Ministry for Work and Social Affairs) and private funding (winners of Impact Challenge).

Non-profit and transparent

Transparency is our top priority in the project. The complete program and source code of the Integreat app is freely available and provided under an open source license (MIT). We expressly support the campaign Public Money, Public Code, which works to ensure that software developed with public funds for public administrations is released under a Free Software and Open Source license.
In addition, all content from the various cities and municipalities is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0). This means that new and existing districts and cities can benefit from each other in terms of content and translations, and that the amount of work involved in creation and maintenance is minimized. The project is financed by income from support contracts, which can be concluded voluntarily by the municipalities if required.

In our impact reports, we also show the resources and activities we use to create long-term change and how we use our money year after year.

Download Social Report Summary 2019 (PDF, English, 83 kB)